Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Ysabel Bain

Ysabel Bain is a singer/songwriter from London UK. She is known for her soulful voice and collaboration with artists and musicians of various genres.

What Genre Is Ysabel Bain?

Although many would describe the sound as "Soul" or "Alternative R&B", Ysabel would categorise her sound as "Soul Etc". "I've never wanted to be tied down to one thing." Ysabel says, "I'm a Soul singer so that's always gonna be a consistent influence on my stuff, but why does that mean that I can't sing Pop, or Jazz, or Country? 'Soul Etc' gives me the space to what I wanna do in whatever genre feels right."

Can I Book Ysabel Bain?

For all booking information please view our booking page, or alternatively email

How Can I Stay Up to Date With Ysabel Bain?

The best way to stay up to date with all things Ysabel Bain is to follow her on Instagram (, Facebook (, Spotify (Ysabel Bain) or YouTube (Ysabel Bain).

Is Ysabel Bain on Streaming Sites?

Yes! Ysabel Bain has music released on all streaming platforms (Ysabel Bain) and has videos available on YouTube.